State Fire Marshal: Alternative Heat Sources in Operation in Newcomerstown Home

REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio (News Talk 1480 WHBC) – The State Fire Marshal’s Office wants to do just one thing when it comes to death-by-fire in Ohio.

Reduce the numbers.

We’re already at 151 people dead, and the office stresses that many of these fires are preventable.

They revealed that at the Newcomerstown home where a family of six died, there was evidence of kerosene heaters, space heaters and a wood burner in operation, but no sign of smoke detectors.

Assistant Chief Anita Metheny in the Fire Prevention Bureau says there are three main causes of recent fatal fires: improper use of alternative heating devices, smoking, and smoking on oxygen.

20 of the 151 fire deaths involved people smoking on oxygen.

A record ten people died in fires over the Christmas holiday weekend.