COLUMBUS (News Talk 1480 WHBC) – Not everyone seems to be happy with Kent State’s decision to have celebrity Jane Fonda speak on campus for the 50 year anniversary of the May 4th Shooting.

The university will be paying Fonda, a famed actress and political activist $83,000 to speak at an event remembering the tragedy.

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose voiced his displeasure with KSU’s decision on Canton’s Morning News with Pam Cook.

“It’s a solemn occasion,” LaRose said. “People have asked me, why aren’t you for free speech? I am all for free speech. (Fonda) should show up and speak on a college campus whenever she wants to, but she should do it for free, not for $83,000.”

Earlier in the week LaRose took to twitter encouraging Kent State to rescind Fonda’s invitation.

Fonda closed out his talk on the subject with Pam Cook this morning by simply saying Fonda speaking at the event doesn’t reflect the solemnly of the day, which he described as a more sober occasion.