Steve Hutchinson Speaks at Pro Football Hall of Fame

CANTON (News Talk 1480 WHBC) – After spending a large chunk of his life making others look good, this summer Steve Hutchinson will finally get his turn in the limelight. The former Seattle Seahawk, Minnesota Viking and Tennessee Titan took a trip to Canton this afternoon, to visit a place where a part of him will call home after he is enshrined on August 8.

“Today I had a chance to go through it a little bit more,” Hutchinson said when asked his thoughts on the museum. “I got a better appreciation and feel for the history, size and weight of what this place means. It was nice to do it on a slower day.”

Hutchinson’s first time he stepped foot in the Hall of Fame was in 2014 when his former teammate Walter Jones was being inducted. While Hutchinson had no problem being in the middle of the action on the field, he said the large crowd at the museum that day was less than ideal for his type of viewing experience.

That’s not to say Hutchinson couldn’t have cleared up some space if he wanted to. His ability to move people against their will on the gridiron is what led to him to seven Pro-Bowls, five All-Pro selections and soon, a gold jacket.

When it came time for him to reflect upon his career, Hutchinson displayed a true offensive lineman mentality, spending a majority of the afternoon speaking about his former teammates and coaches rather than himself.

He even expressed that his true excitement for all of the upcoming festivities is for what will be happening after he is enshrined.

“For as much as I am looking forward to my induction weekend in the beginning of August, I am really looking forward to coming back in September for the rest of the Centennial class,” said Hutchinson. “I know its going to be a huge weekend with anybody who has really played coming back. The burden will be off of my back, i’ll already have gone through it and be done. I can just come as a fan and as a member of the hall and just relax.”

To Hutchinson’s liking, he will soon be another face in the crowd. Except now, his face will be gold and the crowd will be a small, elite one, that will be recognized in Canton for the rest of time.