Today is “Melanoma Monday”.  Gary Rivers had Dr. Steve Grekin on as a guest from Advanced Dermatology to share his warnings on Melanoma -the skin cancer that annual takes 10,000 lives in the US.

Is there really a Melanoma Monday?  To create awareness about the dangers of being unprotected from the Sun’s dangerous rays, Advanced Dermatology, one of the nation’s leading dermatology practices, is joining the American Cancer Society and the American Academy of Dermatology to educate local residents and mark Melanoma Monday on May 6.

The entire month of May is devoted to skin cancer awareness.  In fact, approximately 192,000 new Melanoma cases will be diagnosed this year.

Dr. Grekin said that Melanoma is easily treatable – if detected early.

He also told about the groups most susceptible to skin cancer — and gave a number of ways you can reduce sun damage.