Super Bowl TV Shoppers Want Super Deals

NORTH CANTON, Ohio (WHBC) (Feb. 3, 2017) – It’s Super Bowl time again, meaning people are hunting for deals to upgrade their television sets.

At Best Buy, you gravitate toward rows of giant screens scrolling through vivid action and nature videos with over-the-top inspirational messages to add to the temptation.

The biggest crowds are expected this weekend.  A lot of people wait until the last minute, making sure they first know what all the sales are before committing to a purchase.

Many of the deals going on now rely on bundles, where you have to purchase the TV with an accessory to get a discounted price.

Most shoppers want similar features: Big TVs with a high motion rate that can handle sports.

More shoppers are also making the jump to the higher quality 4K HDTVs, abandoning the 3D TVs that are being phased out due to poor sales.



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