Ten ‘Local Options’ on Primary Ballots Across Stark

CANTON, Ohio (News Talk 14580 WHBC) – Across Stark County, there are a total of ten “local options” on the Primary Election ballot, addressing alcohol sales in a certain precinct or at a specific location.

Of course, you may see one or none of those issues on your ballot.

Interim Superintendent of the Division of Liquor Control Paul Kulwinski says that’s just part of the process.

They also do an investigation of the business and its location.

He says it’s all a process that really started in 1933 when the entire state started the year “dry”.

Then came the end of Prohibition.

Early Voting on local options, candidates and issues continues 8 to 5 Monday through Friday at your Board of Elections office.

For businesses, Kulwinski says the process isn’t complicated, though he does recommend seeking the advisor of an attorney who specializes in such matters.