The Best Foods for a Midnight Snack – Try THESE!


You don’t want to wreck your sleep for the rest of the night by eating foods that will keep you awake or make you feel horrible the next day. Here are some expert approved options:

  • Sliced turkey breast. The protein knocks out hunger and tryptophan helps you get back to sleep
  • Cheese and crackers. This provides protein and fiber to keep hunger at bay
  • Veggies and hummus. Provides fiber and a serving of vegetables
  • Tart cherries and pistachios. The cherries provide melatonin and the nuts fiber and protein
  • Banana and nut butter. The banana has potassium which calms muscles and complex carbs that regulate your blood sugar. The nut butter has healthy fat and tryptophan that helps you sleep
  • Cereal and milk. Pair milk with a whole-grain, low-sugar cereal to create a blood sugar-balanced snack
  • Protein or snack bars. These give you protein and fiber which keep you from being hungry

Source: Huffington Post

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