This article has one sole purpose, to highlight the best of the best from each Stark County school in high school football. This includes all 19 schools that we cover in the county and have covered for 75 years.

It includes the two best teams, five best players and the best coach from each school. It goes in alphabetical order & only includes players and coaches that have been part of our 75 years of coverage. Let the discussion begin and tell us what you think. 



Best coach: Mel Knowlton

Best teams: 1983 & 1958

Best Players: 

Len Dawson

EJ Lilly

Charles Babb

John Borton

Kendell Davis-Clark


Canton South: 

Best coach: Mike Miller

Best teams: 1962 & 1987

Best players:

Devon Torrence

Dick Himes

Frank Dugan

David Arthur

Mark Miller



Best coach: Lowell Klinefelter

Best teams: 1988 & 2000

Best players:

Alan Page

Bob Belden

Vince Gliatta

Jake Boccuti

Mark Fisher


East Canton:

Best coach: John “Spider” Miller

Best teams: 1989 & 2017

Best players:

Dave Thelen

Mack Yoho

Bill Narduzzi

Tom Crank

Mitch Mitchell



Best coach: Fred Brideweiser

Best teams: 2013 & 1979

Best players:

Ted Provost

Jeff Fowler

Hunter Wells

Nick Shepherd

Jon Dwyer



Best coach: Bob Commings

Best teams: 1985 & 2008

Best players:

Dan Dierforf

Dustin Fox

Tim Fox

Michael Moore

Brian Hartline



Best coach: Don Hertler Sr.

Best teams: 1984 & 1972

Best players:

Charlie Grandjean 

Jeff Logan

Connor Ashby

Erick Howard

Dick Snyder



Best coach: Robert Fife

Best teams: 1990 & 1965

Best players:

Randy Cable

Jay Rohr

Jeff Morris

Ted Rohrer

Dillon Dingler



Best coach: Jeff Durbin

Best teams: 1991 & 1970

Best players:

Matt Christopher

Brian Bowers

Steve Lippe 

Jim Luther

Ron Viscounte



Best coach: Paul Starkey

Best team: 2007 & 1964

Best players:

Bob Gladieux

Tom Chlebeck

Drew Kuhn

Ken Kuhn

Brian Beatty



Best coach: Ed Miley

Best teams: 1995 & 2010

Best players:

Todd Stanish

Dymonte Thomas

Marcus Coldsnow

Alden Hill

Zach Higgins



Best coach: Chuck Mather

Best teams: 1959 & 1964

Best players:

Chris Spielman

Joe Sparma

Aidan Longwell

Art Hastings

Jamir Thomas 



Best coach: Thom McDaniels

Best teams: 1956 & 1997

Best players:

Bobby Williams

Roch Hontas

Percy Snow

Morgan Williams

Mike Doss



Best coach: Lynn Molen

Best teams: 1973 & 1988

Best players:

Leon Powell

Roger Bettis 

Dalton Hartshorn

Jeff Fankhauser

Jamie Morckel



Best coach: Gary Dial

Best teams: 1983 & 2004

Best players:

Shawn Lazarus

Scott Weber

Jim Schalmo

Kevin Stacy

Scott Crossland



Best coach: Keith Wakefield

Best teams: 1969 & 2016

Best players:

Keishaun Sims

Tim Laps

Eric Heinzer

Archie Herring

Chuck Jolliff


Sandy Valley: 

Best coach: Mickey Keck

Best teams: 2015 & 1978

Cameron Blair

Bill “Bouncer” Murray

Nelson Mozden

Gary Bourquin 

Bob Crone


St. Thomas: 

Best coach: Jack Rose

Best teams: 1984 & 1974

Best players:

Steve Barr

Mike Ranalli

Chris Soehnlen

Chris Lorentz

Anthony Moeglin



Best coach: Jim Reichenbach

Best team: 1981 & 2006

Best players:

Ryan Travis

Dave Kurzen

Mike Crescenze

Brier Marthey

Chase Horvath