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The Flu Season is Here and the CDC Has A Few Warnings

Flu season is coming. If it feels too soon, that’s because the previous season was the longest in 10 years, with high levels of flu-like illness for almost 5 months. While flu seasons vary in severity, flu always brings serious consequences to some.  As a new season begins, we have CDC Expert Scott Epperson on the Gary Rivers Show this morning to share the actions you can take to help protect your family from flu this season. 

Gary Asks: 

  1. How bad was last year’s flu season and what should we be doing to protect ourselves and our families this season? 
  1. Who should get a flu vaccine and why? 
  1. What vaccines are available this season? 
  1. Are there ways we can protect ourselves against flu? 
  1. Where can listeners go for additional information? 



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