Governor Makes Children and Literacy a Priority in State of the State


Education was a key item for Governor Mike DeWine in his State of the State address yesterday: with data showing 40-percent of thirds graders NOT proficient in reading, the governor is directing the state Department of Education to create a program that focuses on literacy learning.  Researchers say there’s a strong link between low reading proficiency in third grade and the likelihood students will not finish high school.

Dewine proposed a tax break for parents and a repeal of state sales tax on certain items, among other things.  Now it is up to the state’s general assembly to make these and other things on the Governor’s wish list happen.

Education, mental health, economic development, crime, and safe drinking water were some of the major themes.  Dewine’s budget also includes a plan to spend $40 million per year for continuous training for Ohio law enforcement and to improve the state’s 911 system which often doesn’t direct calls to the nearest dispatch centers.