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The red flags set off by scammers. Here’s what to watch for, take note!

63% of Americans have fallen for an online scam before, according to a new survey.  And that’s just the people who REALIZE they fell for one.

54% of us have also had our social media hacked.  49% have been the victim of a data breach.  And 1 in 7 people still don’t feel confident they could spot a scam.

Here are the five most common red flags the average person knows about.  But more than half of us still AREN’T aware of them . . .

1.  Asking you to send money through a wire transfer or money order.  Only 48% of people know it’s a red flag.

2.  Promising a large amount of money if you send a smaller amount first.  47%.

3.  A call or email that claims your social security number was compromised.  44%.

4.  Someone who claims they’re from the government, and that you’ll go to jail if you don’t pay them.  44%.

5.  A company with a name that’s SIMILAR to a well-known company.  42%.

(NY Post)

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