1.  The Hockey Team for Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Won the State Championship.  It was less than two weeks after the tragic shooting that happened in February.

2.  A Woman in Wisconsin Found Her Long-Lost Sister After She Moved in Next Door

3.  A Girl Won Homecoming Queen Then Kicked a Game-Winning Field Goal.  She was on the homecoming court AND the football team.

4.  A Jimmy John’s Employee Rushed a Guy to the E.R., and It All Started with a Misdialed Call.  A woman dialed the wrong number trying to get help for her brother after he had complications from a recent surgery.  The manager told her he’d take care of it.  Then a delivery driver got him to the hospital, and he was okay.

5.  A Jesus Statue in Toronto Stopped a Runaway Truck 

6.  Someone Paid $1 Million to Buy Out a Toys “R” Us Store Before It Closed Down, and Then Gave Away All the Toys 

7.  A Vietnam Vet Passed Away, and Hundreds of People Showed Up at His Funeral 

8.  For 44 Years, a Wannabe DJ Did a Show That Only His Wife Heard . . . Then Finally Got His Own One-Hour Radio Special 

9.  A Woman Adopted a Dog That Looked Like the Puppy She Had as a Kid . . . And It Turned Out It Was the Same Dog 

10.  A Rookie Cop Saved a Kid’s Life on His Very First Day 

11.  A Nine-Year-Old Got His Town to Lift Its 98-Year Ban on Snowball Fights 

12.  A Study Found That Working Out Hard for Two Years Can Make Up for Being a Couch Potato Your Whole Life 

13.  Trying to Take the Perfect Selfie Saved a Woman’s Life.  She noticed her face drooping . . . realized she was having a stroke . . . and called 911. 

14.  Over the Summer, the “Tip the Bill Challenge” Took Off.  That’s where you go to a restaurant and tip your waiter 100%.

15.  A Couple’s ‘First Kiss’ Happened on Their First Date . . . When the Woman Had to Give the Guy CPR 

16.  A Woman Had a Baby at a Six Flags Waterpark in Georgia, and Now They Both Get Free Visits for Life.  Six Flags gave them both “Diamond Elite Memberships.”  Also, a baby born at a Chick-fil-A in Texas got free food for life.

17.  A Guy Donated Bone Marrow Just to Talk to a Girl Standing in Line . . . Then Ended Up Marrying Her and Saving a Kid’s Life

18.  A Guy Gave His Wife a Kidney for Their 23rd Anniversary.  It was one of many stories that involved kidney-related kindness this year. 

Here are five more . . .

. . . A woman gave a kidney to a complete stranger she met at a bar.

. . . guy donated a kidney to his high school classmate from 50 years ago.

. . . An Ohio State fan gave a kidney to a Penn State fan she’d never met.  And she dressed up as Penn State’s mascot to give him the news.

. . . A guy found a kidney donor by walking around Disney World in a shirt that said, “In Need of a Kidney.”

. . . And a woman in California donated a kidney without knowing who the recipient was.  Then it turned out to be her neighbor.

19.  A Teenager Woke Her Parents Up When Their WiFi Went Out . . . and Ended Up Saving Her Entire Family from a Fire 

20.  Two Friends Followed Through on Their Pact to Get Married If They Were Both Single at 50.  They dated in high school and broke up.  But they stayed friends . . . fell in love over three decades later . . . and got married this past spring.