The Top Five Things We Steal from Work . . . and 7% Have Stolen Toilet Paper

Do you ever treat the supply closet at your job like it’s a store where everything’s FREE?  A new survey asked people if they’ve ever stolen stuff from work.  Here are the five most common items we steal . . .

  1. Pens and pencils.  38% of us have stolen them from work before.
  2. Note pads and other stationery, 22%.
  3. Printer paper, 18%.
  4. Staplers, 8%.
  5. Food from the kitchen, also 8%.  Toilet paper just missed the top five at 7%.

Also, 5% of us have stolen things like mugs or silverware from the kitchen . . . 3% have stolen MONEY . . . and 2% have stolen a computer.

The survey also asked bosses how SERIOUS it is to steal different things.  89% said stealing money is “very serious,” and 87% said the same about a computer or lapto

Less than 15% said it’s serious to steal things like pens, pencils, scissors, and stationery.





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