Since Easter is this weekend, here are some random facts about Peeps . . .

1.  About five and a half million Peeps are made every day.  And in one year, enough Peeps are made to circle the globe twice.

2.  It used to take 27 hours to make a Peep.  Back in 1953, each chick was handmade with a pastry tube.  But the process was eventually automated, and now it takes just six minutes to make a Peep.

3.  Yellow chicks are the original, and still the favorite.  Yellow bunnies are the second most popular color and shape combination.  Pink is the second best-selling color.

4.  The vast majority of Peeps are consumed around Easter.  About 2 billion Peeps are produced each year . . . and 1.5 billion of them are eaten during the spring.

5.  The town where they’re made does a New Year’s Eve Peep drop.  The Peeps factory is in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  And on New Year’s Eve, they drop a giant 400-pound Peep chick at midnight instead of a ball.

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