The Week That Was for November 3, 2018

In the wake of the Massacre in the Synagogue in Pittsburgh, and the with the thought that not a year goes by with a similar circumstance happening in some school, church, mosque or elsewhere.  Lives of people who have loved ones, a life of work and caring, and people who were just worshipping or celebrating. Life is a continuous journey in knowledge, wisdom and change. To stop learning and evolving is to die. Personally, I look back into my own life, and how I don’t like who I was 20, 15 or even 10 years ago. How much less I care about politics, labels, being out there with social media, and how much more inclusive I am today. It is hard to look back without regrets, but I realize that that too is part of life, and we can only move forward.  Life cannot be about hate, as hate consumes us and blinds us to the glory of each one we meet. Hate labels and categorizes, it the assigns negative attributes to that category of people, dehumanizing them and allowing for the growth of hate, violence and death. And we can always find those like-minded zealots of hate to approve our hate, embrace us and form a bond, this leads to gangs, ISIS, the Crusades, and the Nazi’s extermination camps. Made up labels to allow our hate to be justified in our own minds, when, in reality that person is just like us….a person with hopes, dreams, and a desire to be loved, his is an important show, because we will seek answers, reasons, and common ground that may allow us to shut out the noise and individually work to see each man and woman with a Godly eye…deeper into the soul. Today, I have assembled a panel of wise men…teachers of varied faiths…people of honor and esteem…but all still humans, who, themselves continue the journey God has laid out to them….

Hear their stories here!




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