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I must’ve read 30 other reviews.

Ouch.  Such cynics in the world today.

The one I most agree with is from Entertainment Weekly —who summarized it by saying “It’s one of those movies where you’ll either decide to give in right away and sob for two hours straight or opt to fight it while your resentment slowly simmers to a rolling boil.

that pretty well sums it up for me. If you generally like faith-based films — You will, pardon the in HEAVEN over this one….

It’s the story of a man who, during a camping trip — tragically loses  his son — Guilt-ridden and distraught afterwards, he’s inconsolable—He gets a letter from Papa — his wife’s name for God.

He follows it’s instructions to come to the woods where he meets three people — Papa  played with smiles and syrupy sweet Octaia Spencer — fresh from her Oscar Win in Hidden figures.—and there’s also the Son and…you may have now guessed it…the Holy Ghost…

It’s Sam Worthington’s journey through the grief process…from denial to acceptance—- told in a unique way –and based on, by the way,  William Paul Young’s bestselling novel.

Again…if you worry you’ll be preached to….well you kinda sorta are….but it’s so well done.

If you go to the movies and want your emotions touched…You’ll be given that in high doses..

I’ve seen my share of faith-based movies…this one….may have your family usng it as a way to initiate conversation .  I that’s your mindset…bring plenty of tissues.

To those of you who….look to crticise over-simplified, syrupy movie — skip it…or risk being changed 🙂

I give it 4 stars plus!

but that’s just me. I love happily-ever after movies….and I love Tim McGraw and Faith Hill songs….this one’s a killer.

I’m Gary Rivers and that’s what’s happening at the movies..

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