This Too Shall Pass

Scientists have just discovered how long it takes to pass a swallowed LEGO through your body.

This is good info if you have kids . . . or an undying appetite for polyethylene, I guess.  A new study in the “Journal of Pediatrics and Child Health” looked at how long it takes the human body to pass a LEGO if you swallow one.

The researchers didn’t use any fancy tricks to figure it out.  Six doctors just volunteered to swallow one . . . specifically, one of those little yellow heads that go on Lego people.

So how long does it take?  Well, obviously it varied a little bit.  But on average, they found it takes 1.7 days to pass a Lego.  Which is just over 41 hours.

It might be a little different for kids, because they’re smaller and their digestive tract is shorter.  But the point of the study was to show that if your kid does swallow one or two Legos, they’ll probably be fine.  And in the end, none of them had any complications.

They did LOSE one of the Lego heads though and never found it.  But they say that’s even more proof that swallowing one isn’t a big deal . . . even if it’s still floating around in there.

(Don’t Forget the Bubbles)

(They only did it with Lego heads though, which are round.  My question is could a rectangular block with sharp corners cause more damage?  And there’s always the possibility of choking, so you probably shouldn’t try this at home.)




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