Thursday Recap: Five More Deaths in Ohio, Major Surge of Cases Anticipated

COLUMBUS (News Talk 1480 WHBC) – This afternoon Governor DeWine along with numerous other state leaders and health officials spoke in Columbus providing updates on COVID-19 in Ohio. Here is an outline on everything that was discussed.


The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) reports that five more Ohioans have died from the coronavirus. The State’s death total now sits at 15.

Counties with deaths include: Columbiana (1), Cuyahoga (2), Erie (1), Franklin (2), Gallia (1), Lucas (2), Mahoning (1), Miami (2), Stark (2) and Trumbull (1).

The Buckeye State now has 867 confirmed cases. 223 people have been hospitalized so far. 60 counties in Ohio have at least one confirmed case. Stark County now has 16 cases. 

Over 17,000 coronavirus tests have been given in Ohio so far.

No Evictions

Governor DeWine says the state wants everyone to stay home, and wants everyone to have a home to stay in. The bill passed yesterday by the legislature relieves the courts’ requirement to hear criminal, civil, and administrative cases in a certain period of time.

What about Weddings & Funerals?

Governor DeWine says these are not prohibited, but asks that Ohioans do not have large gatherings. “Postpone the big ceremony,” said DeWine. “Get married, but the big party should be after this is over. It’s something to look forward to.”

Hospital Capacity

Governor DeWine says the state is working on hospital capacity. State leaders are working on a big expansion of beds and getting the infrastructure ready. Dr. Amy Acton with the ODH says that a big surge of confirmed cases is coming soon. She estimates that an increases of up to 1,000 cases a day could occur in Ohio.

Acton says that it is estimated that 40%-70% of Ohioans will eventually contract COVID-19. On a positive note, Acton says thanks to the measures taken in Ohio, the state has decreased its anticipated impact by 50%-75%. (The anticipated impact being if no action was taken.)

Want to Help?

DeWine says that many Ohioans have contacted the state wanting to help. The State has created a way for you to contact them and take advantage of your generosity. Those who want to help can reach out via email at: [email protected]

Maximizing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Dr. Acton explained that by keeping people at home, it will help healthcare workers maximize the PPE that is avaliable.

“By doing what we’re doing, we’re making our supplies go longer,” said Acton. “We would have needed 65 times our typical usage, but with what we’re doing we’ve lowered this to needing 40 times more.”

Helping Independent Contractors, 1099 Employees

Lt. Governor Jon Husted addressed an issue that many Ohioans have brought up, pertaining to unemployment benefits for 1099 Employees. Husted says that independent contractors will be taken care of under the federal relief package that was approved by the Senate Wednesday night. The house is expected to approve the package soon.

Voting from Home

Ohioans can request their absentee ballot online and find more information on the election process at the Secretary of State’s website. If you can’t print or acquire an absentee ballot, state officials ask you to please call your local board of elections and they will mail you one.