The significance of the number 3.  The first 3 games of the season….3 consecutive games that go into Overtime. Two of the games are losses by a total of….3 points. Enter the Perry Panthers.  Zach Slates never experienced this type of Trifecta as a player, but it has been reality as a first year Head Coach.  Enter Week 4…..first Federal League opponent…the McKinley Bulldogs.  The significance of the number 3 for McKinley….Week 3 was their first victory of the season.

Intriguing match up in the Fed.  Both teams are 1 -2.  No secret for the Panthers. Wing T all night long.  Burn clock. Move chains.  Minimize opportunities for your opponent.  Problem… a time of the season when their offense exacts it will….it’s still a team that is grinding to find that consistency.  It is truly a stable of backs who have to all contribute for this team to be successful.  Worth noting…..the defense has given up no more than 22 points in a game.  The offense scored no more than 21. And first downs are coming at a premium. Nuff said.

The McKinley Bulldogs.  After a beat down at the hands of Mentor in Week 1 the Bulldogs are still a work in progress. However, there IS progress. Week 2 Vs Fitch, and their first win Vs Huber Heights Wayne revealed Big Play potential for McKinley. A lot of that is Harold Fanin who is quickly emerging as difference maker on offense. The running game is finding it’s footing, and last week combined for 205 yards and…here’s that number again….3 TDS.  Work to do…Run Defense.  Gave up 323 last week.  I’m guessing the Panther Wing T is highlighting that statistic.

So, The Sarchione Ford Game of the Week heads to Panther Stadium this Friday Night.  We couldn’t possibly have 4th consecutive Overtime….could we?!  IF so, from my perspective In the Booth, will the last one leaving the stadium please remember to turn off the lights.  Look forward to seeing your faces in the seats, and, as always, See y’all On the Radio