Tuesday Update:  Governor Fully intends to OPEN Schools in the Fall

COLUMBUS (News Talk 1480 WHBC) – Governor Mike DeWine along with other state leaders and health officials spoke this afternoon in Columbus, providing updates on COVID-19 in Ohio. Here is a full outline on everything that was discussed.

Update on Cases:

Here’s the dashboard for across Ohio:



More on Ohio’s Metrics:


Update on Stark County

The county has a total of 743 cases, 160 hospitalizations and 98 fatalities. This is up slightly from last week.

Zoos, Museums, and other Venues

The word on re-opening could come Thursday.  The Govenor said it would be good news.

Update on Schools

K-12 SCHOOLS: Our goal is to start school in the fall. The date for starting school is solely in the power of the local school boards and that will continue to be the case.  More details to come, hopefully this week.
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More Help for Business:

We are announcing the creation of the Ohio Micro-Enterprise Grant Program. This initiative will help small minority- and women-owned businesses through the current crisis and set them up to thrive in the future.  Each qualifying business would receive $10,000 until funding runs out, and grants will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. The program could fund up to 500 companies.  This is another effort to target businesses that we know are struggling and help them flourish in the future.
  • The Ohio PPE Retooling and Reshoring Grant Program will help small and medium-sized manufacturers to retool existing facilities to make PPE or reshore PPE production to Ohio.
  • We’re setting aside $20 million for this program, and eligible manufacturers could be awarded grants up to $500,000 per facility
  • Up to 20% of the available funding may be reserved for manufacturers with fewer than 25 employees and registered nonprofits
  • Economic concerns are a top priority that we are working on every day. More openings will come very
  • We are moving toward a more stable economic environme
Reminder: At coronavirus.ohio.gov/jobsearch site: 29,857 job postings from 289 unique companies.


NEW:  Appalachian Growth Capital Loan Program 

The Ohio Department of Development and the Governor’s Office of Appalachia will provide $10 million to help small businesses in Ohio’s Appalachian region..   The new loan program will help small businesses affected by the #COVID19 pandemic in the 32-county Appalachian region in #Ohio. The program will offer loans to small businesses for up to $500,000 at 2 percent interest.

Update on Health Care

Health care providers may resume all surgeries and procedures that had previously been delayed. Here are the guidelines:

1)  Maintaining adequate inventories of PPE, supplies, equipment, and medicine;
2) Creating a plan for conservation and monitoring use of PPE, other supplies, and equipment, that could include decontamination and reuse
4)  Defining processes for timely COVID-19 testing of patients and staff; and
5)  Continuing to use telehealth whenever possible


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