Unemployment Benefits Coming Soon for Self Employed Ohioans

COLUMBUS (News Talk 1480 WHBC) – As thousands of Ohioans continue to be laid off due to the spread of COVID-19, state leaders have worked to provided assistance for those out of work during these hard times.

One area of the work force that had not been covered under Ohio’s original unemployment expansion plan was those who were self employed or 1099 employees.

Over the past few weeks, Lt. Governor Jon Husted has provided updates on what is being done at both the state and federal level to fix this. During the Governor’s media availability on Saturday, he provided an important update to those who have been waiting so long to hear one.

Starting on Sunday, March 29, 1099 employees in the state of Ohio will be eligible for unemployment benefits. However, Husted usted says due to the numerous changes the state has made to its unemployment system, it will still take some time for Ohioans to be able to apply.

“This is a brand new program,” Husted explained. “No states were prepared, no states had a system ready for this.

Husted added that the state has engaged the private sector to help the Ohio Department of Job and family services build the system out as quickly as possible so people will be able to get on and enroll.

The expanded unemployment benefits come from the national COVID-19 relief package that was passed by both the Senate and the House earlier this week. The package required each state to opt in to the five new provisions of unemployment benefits.

Governor Mike DeWine has signed all five provisions, opting the state of Ohio into the expanded benefits, thus making self employed Ohioans now eligible for unemployment.

The benefits will be effective retroactively, dating back to January 27, and will be available for 39 weeks going forward. Husted says variety of additional services will now also be available to those who are eligible for unemployment. WHBC will have more details on what those services are when the information is available.