Sam Kleiner is author of THE FLYING TIGERS: The Untold Story .  He was a guest on the Gary Rivers Show Friday morning and shared his passion for World War II and how he came to do the story on the famous pilots of the Second World War.

Sam Kleiner is a historian and lawyer based in New York City. Sam’s interest in World War II started when he was a kid and would listen to stories from his grandfather, who was a navigator on a B-25 in the Pacific during World War II. He read every book about World War II in his elementary school library.

Sam went to the Flying Tigers Association reunion in 2015, where he was the only outside historian. He became close with Frank Losonsky, who is now the last surviving Flying Tiger. Many of the family members supported his research, helping him find diaries and letters that had been tucked away for decades.

THE FLYING TIGERS reads like an adventure story, as Kleiner deftly takes his reader from cramped cockpits to quiet Washington corridors.”Los Angeles Review of Books

The book tells the story of the unit of American volunteer pilots that flew in China in the early days of World War II—made famous by their shark-faced P-40s and the John Wayne movie.  Interestingly, The Flying Tigers were covertly funded by the US Government .  One might say their story makes Iran-Contra scandal look like child’s play.