VOTE 2020: Key Stark County Election Results

Here are the update numbers from the Stark County Board of Elections:


7th District Congress: Bob Gibbs

13th District Congress: Tim Ryan

16th District: Anthony Gonzalez

President: (Stark vote only):
Donald Trump (R,I)

Stark County Probate Judge:
Dixie Park (I)

Clerk of Court of Common Pleas:
Lynn Todaro (R)

Ronald Rusnak (R)

Commissioner 1-2:
Bill Smith (R,I)

Jamie Walters (R)

Alex Zumber (R,I)

Kyle Stone (R)

State Rep 48th District:
Scott Oelslager (R,I)

State Rep 49th District:
Thomas West (D,I)

State Rep 50th District:
Reggie Stoltzfus (R,I)

Supreme Court 1-1
Sharon Kennedy

Supreme Court 1-2
Jennifer Brunner

5th District Court of Appeals
William Huffman



#5 Louisville charter amendment

#6 Louisville Repurpose ¼% income tax

#8 Hartville Repeal ordinance eliminating income tax credit for taxes paid to other municipalities.

#11 Canal Fulton Charter Amendment 10 changes

#16 Paris Twp Roads 2 mill additional 5 years

#17 Plain Twp Police 4.25 mill replacement 5 years

#29 Navarre-Bethlehem Joint Fire District 3.5 mill replacement 5 years

#31 Quad Ambulance District 5 mill replacement and 1 mill additional 5 years

All other renewal issues.


#20 Marlboro Twp 1 mill additional 5 years

#33 Louisville City School District 6.7 mills additional 5 years

#19 Lawrence Twp Fire .5 mill replacement 5 years

#18 Lawrence Twp Fire Renewal