Wake up on the Wrong side of the Bed?  Answer these questions to find out!

Someone has come up with a convoluted math formula to determine if you got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.



The formula takes a lot of things into consideration, including:  The times you spend eating breakfast . . . exercising . . . showering . . . and other “getting ready” activities, like maybe doing your makeup and wrangling the kids.

You also plug in the number of hours you spent sleeping, along with the specific time of the day that you got out of bed.

All this is packed into one mathematical equation that LOOKS daunting, but it’s actually not difficult to do.  You will need a pen and paper though.


Here’s the convoluted breakdown . . . (If you want to get into it.)


Think about the number of minutes that you spent eating breakfast.  Double it, then ADD that to the number of minutes spent exercising and showering.  Write the total down and save it for later.


Then, take the number of HOURS that you spent sleeping . . . subtract it from EIGHT . . . and add ONE.  Then multiply that by the number of hours your wake-up time was away from 7:12 A.M. PLUS one.  (???)  Write that number down.


Then, you take the first number you wrote down . . . divide it by the second number.  Finally, you add that total to the number of minutes you spend doing other “getting ready” activities, HALVED . . . or divided by two.


If the overall total is MORE than 37, you woke up on the RIGHT side of the bed.  However, if it’s equal to or LESS than 37, you woke up on the WRONG side.

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