Wanna Leave Work Early Today?  Here’s How to tell your Boss!

 Here’s a good question for a Friday:  How do you get your boss to let you leave EARLY?

When you’re feeling sick or there’s an emergency, hopefully your boss is nice enough to understand.  But what if you’re all caught up and just want to take off?  Here are five tips to help . . .

1.  Be realistic.  Think about how early you want to leave, and if that seems reasonable.  Don’t just ask to leave at noon if you know your boss will be annoyed.  And give them a decent reason, don’t just say you’re bored or stressed out.

2.  Be professional.  Even if you’re friends with them, don’t be too casual about it . . . don’t act entitled . . . and don’t beg.  Just explain why you need to leave if possible . . .hope they say yes . . . and don’t ask too often.

3.  Read the room.  Don’t ask on a day your BOSS is really busy.  And don’t ask while they’re in the middle of something, or if they’re already annoyed about something else.

4.  Find someone to cover for you, if necessary.  Don’t expect your boss to move things around.  If you do the legwork, there’s a better chance they’ll be fine with it.

5.  Before you leave, give an update.  Let them know you got all your work done, or you’re still on pace.  Just something to reassure them you’re on top of things.