Was Your Christmas Day Proposal A “Fail” Like These?

Christmas Day proposals are a part of the holiday season.

Sometimes they work.

Sometimes they fail.

Fox News has collected a few of the worst fails in recent memory.

Take Michigan resident Kevin Przytula, who popped the question to girlfriend Allyssa Anter.  As the camera caught the question, it also caught Anter’s son Owen begins peeing on the ground in the background.

Or Kentucky resident Blake Martin who proposed to girlfriend Shannon Keene on a bridge in Louisville, and the photographer captured the moment….as a bicylist rode by at the exact moment –to photo bomb the special moment.

Our favorite was the grandfather, who was entrusted with the camera to record the special moment.  But, the only thing that he recorded was HIS reaction . Grandpa forgot to take the camera out of “selfie” mode.






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