WELCOME this new Kitty to the Pam Cook Family!

It is still very tough – the thought of how we lost our sweet Rosie a month ago.  God bless her she’s with my Smokey girl.  But as my Mom and I sat in a house without a pet we realized we really didn’t like it.  My mom loves the company all day long and so do I.  So we set out to find a cat that would fit us.  We went through quite a few pictures, descriptions and discussions.  Then we decided to visit a little kitty who was at Paws and Prayers.  Her name — Lunchbox!  We laughed and laughed.  When we saw her we knew she was the right one for us.   And we have been so right.  We named her Lulu.  She is a year old and she has personality plus, is not afraid of people at all, loved all of our family, and she sleeps with me every night.

Welcome home Lulu.


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