We’re Pushing 100 and We Can’t Wait!

1480 WHBC is celebrating 99 years this month.  The radio station went on the air on March 9th, 1925.  Yep, that means next year is the big 100!  Are we planning some fun stuff?  You bet we are.  We are so proud to have served this community for so many years.  It’s been a privilege.   We are also celebrating 80 years of high school football coverage too.   It’s amazing what the radio station has accomplished.  Something no one else around has been able to enjoy.

Those of us who still get to carry the torch work very hard to respect the past while keeping up with the times and offering our listeners everything that is important in this day and age.  We’ve gone digital, we have live video and audio streams on the internet, we have live broadcasts and shows delivered in ways we never imagined.  Change can be tough but change can be beautiful.

Any thoughts or ideas for our 100th party?  Any memories you want to share?  YOU are what makes WHBC-AM the special radio station it is.  We’d love to hear from you in the coming months as we prepare for March 9th, 2025!!!

We appreciate you.  Talk soon!

Pam Cook – News/Content Director and Host-Canton’s Morning News