What Would You Have Done?

A Cop Breaks a Car Window to Rescue a Baby . . . Then Realizes It’s a Doll

If there’s anything that even remotely resembles a baby or a dog in your car, just know that someone might break the window to save it.

Someone in Keene, New Hampshire called 911 a few weeks ago when they saw a baby trapped inside a hot car in a Walmart parking lot.

A cop named Jason Short rushed to the scene and saw the baby in the backseat of the car with a BLANKET on it.

So he shattered the window and grabbed the baby.  He says she, quote, “Looked lifeless” so he started CPR.

And that’s when he FINALLY realized . . . it was a doll.  A very realistic-looking $2,000 doll, but still a doll.

He says even though it was a doll, if he was ever in that situation again, quote, “I would never do anything different.  I would always assume that it’s a child.”

(ABC 9 – Manchester




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