What’s With All the Angry Gifts For Valentine’s Day?

First, we heard about that zoo in England that allowed people to “Name a cockroach after your ex”, as a Valentine’s Day Gift giving idea.

Now it’s the Hooter’s  restaurant franchise.

Hooters is giving single people free wings on that date to anyone who will “Shred Your Ex”.

Here’s how it works:

If you go to one of their restaurants and RIP UP a photo of your EX on Valentine’s Day, you win free wings.   You can also upload a photo to their website and shred it online.

There’s a limit of 10 free wings, though . . . and you have to BUY 10 wings to get the promo.

Maybe the results of a recent survey can give us insight.

A new survey found 58% of us would give our partner an “F” when it comes to how much effort they put into Valentine’s Day.

The top gifts we want are a nice dinner out . . . chocolate . . . flowers . . . a massage . . . and a home-cooked meal.




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