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What’s your Favorite Superstition?

It’s Friday the 13th! Here Are the Top Ten Superstitious Things We Do

Does Friday the 13th make you nervous, or is it just another day?  A new poll found 29% of adults believe they’ve been INJURED because they didn’t follow a superstition they should have.  Here are the top ten superstitions we believe in . . .

1.  Avoiding walking under a ladder.  62% said they’d never do it.

2.  Knocking on wood.

3.  Crossing your fingers.

4.  Saying “bless you” when someone sneezes.

5.  Not opening umbrellas indoors.

6.  “Find a penny, pick it up.”  But only if it’s heads up.

7.  Don’t put new shoes on a table.  It’s supposed to be bad luck . . . and unsanitary.

8.  Breaking the wishbone on a turkey.

9.  Throwing salt over your shoulder if you spill some.

10.  Keeping your wish a secret when you blow out your candles.


The poll also found 36% of us have a lucky number.



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