I had all plans for a great vacation …heading off to the Jersey Shore again with the family.  But, it was happening with a little hesitation.  My beloved kitty Smokey wasn’t doing too well.  And, because she takes medication, for the first time I was going to have to board her while I was away.  She had been declining in health for a couple of months but it all came crashing down around us.  Long story short – as I arrived at the beach – I had to give my permission to the vet to put her to sleep.  My goodness what an awful decision that is…you hope so much that your pet can get better but you know that is not the case.  I didn’t want Smokey to suffer anymore.  She was 14 years old and as my kids put it “she lived a blessed life with us Mom, she was royalty”.  And that she was.

So, I felt comfortable and at peace with the decision but nothing could prepare me for walking into my empty home.  The sadness engulfed me, my Mom and my sons.  You see her at every turn, you react as if she were standing at your feet like always, you expect her to jump in bed and paw at you like she always has.  It will take time, I know…and I will see her (with her sister Bubby) at the Rainbow Bridge.  But none of that makes it any easier.  I brought home her remains on Thursday and placed them next to those of Bubby…together my two loves.  The only cats I’ve had for the past 30 years.  Funny…over the past month, Smokey kept sleeping in the doorway to the room where Bubby was resting.  It was a sign..I believe in those things.

RIP Smoke — run fast, eat cheese, ham and bread and I will see you when I get there.

P.S.  A special thanks to the staff at Belpar Pet Care Center for their care and help.  What great people…you have our hearts.