Why Do Burglars Keep Trying to Sneak Down Chimneys?

Cops in California found a burglar who was trapped in a Chinese restaurant’s grease vent for two days.  The guy is lucky he’s alive.

The would-be burglar was discovered by the owner of a neighboring business, who heard had been hearing his muffled cries for help for two days.

When Igor Campos finally went to investigate the moaning he discovered a man covered in grease stuck in an exhaust vent.

The business he was trying to rob had been closed for good.

Alameda County firefighters had to dismantle the vent to get him out. Once freed, he was loaded into an ambulance and taken to a local hospital.

Police haven’t decided what charges he faces after he gets out.

The entire episode prompted mid-day host, Gary Rivers to ask, “Why do these guys keep trying to slide down restaurant vents”?

Maybe we just don’t hear about the successful ones.

(image: Alameda County Sherrif’s Dept)





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