Wishes Can Happen: Izzy Gets Her Wish

MEDINA (News Talk 1480 WHBC) – The year 2020 has been rough for many. However, even harder times began for 13 year old Isabel Kirby just before the new year arrived.

After opening her gifts on Christmas morning, Kirby said she felt a pain in both of her legs. After just a few minutes, both went completely numb. An MRI the next day revealed a condition called “acute flaccid myelitis, or AFM. The condition had paralyzed the lower half of her body.

The once active seventh grader received news that the condition could potentially be permanent. Since hearing that news, Isabel, who also goes by “Izzy,” has worked non-stop to fight back.

A Facebook page has been created by Izzy’s family where her loved ones can track her progress. Videos of Izzy riding a tricycle and walking with leg braces and a walker have been posted in the past few weeks. Friends and family comment, like and share their love to a girl who refuses to quit.

On Tuesday, Izzy received a pleasant surprise. As her and family pulled into their driveway, they were greeted by friends, neighbors, employees from Mix 94.1 and News Talk 1480 WHBC and Wishes Can Happen. They were all there to let her know that she is the latest wish recipient.