You can still do Easter – AND stay at Home

Despite the fact that we are all “staying at home”  Easter will arrive this Sunday!  There are many options for religious services including live services on 1480 WHBC Sunday Mornings.  Online is also an option.  But here are some things you CAN do to celebrate the day:

Everyone’s been worried the lockdown would cancel Easter.  But a new poll asked people to name their favorite Easter traditions.  And almost all of them are things you’ll still be able to do.  Here’s the Top 10 . . .

1.  Making Easter dinner.

2.  An Easter egg hunt with the family.  That one’s still doable for most of us, if it’s done at home.

3.  Eating candy.

4.  Taking family photos.

5.  Dying Easter eggs.

6.  Making Easter baskets.

7.  Visiting your extended family.  Do it virtually with facetime, skype, zoom, etc.

8.  Going to church.  A lot of them are holding online services instead and you can listen on the radio.

9.  Photos with the Easter Bunny.

10.  Easter arts and crafts.


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