VIDEO: I-77 NB Traffic Pattern Changes Coming This Week

AKRON, Ohio (News Talk 1480 WHBC) – Tentatively starting Wednesday night is the new traffic pattern on Northbound I-77 from Cleveland Avenue to West Tusc, where the right lane is being termed an “alternate route”, taking you to Cleveland Avenue and Route 30 but eventually back onto 77.

If you want to drive further than that, you’ll want to be in the left lane.

Here’s a video explanation of the alternative route:

I-77 NB Alternative Route Part 1 (ODOT/WHBC News)

1. The two northbound lanes split. The left lane moves over to the southbound side (not shown).

2. The right lane exits at Rt 800 Cleveland Ave.

3. The only traffic light on this alternative route is at Rt 800 and the off ramp. Vehicles will then be taken to the on ramp, and return to I-77 northbound, driving in the shoulder lane. There, both sides will have concrete barriers.

I-77 NB/Route 30 Alternative Route Part 2

4. Drivers will be taken on the Route 30 East ramp onto 30 Eastbound.

I-77NB/Route 30 Alternative Route Part 3

5. Drivers will make a couple of loops here, first taking the ramp to Cherry Avenue, heading north on Cherry. Drivers may be familiar with this part of the zone, since it’s been in place for a few months.

6. Drivers are taken behind the concrete barrier wall onto 11th Street (not impacted by the traffic light), then on the ramp to Rt 30 West.

7. Finally, drivers will exit 30 West, using the newly constructed ramp to I-77 North. 30 West drivers can continue on. Shortly after, the two lanes will be back on the same roadway, and the construction zone will have ended.