COLUMBUS, Ohio (News Talk 1480 WHBC) – State Republican Party Chair Jane Timken is going along with what President Trump said on Wednesday, saying the violence must stop.

She calls the destruction in the halls of the Capitol building “un-American”.

She says “violence is not and never is the answer”.

Here is her press release:

Columbus,OH – Ohio Republican Party Chairman Jane Timken released the following statement regarding this weekend’s planned political protests:

“As I have said before, we as Americans have the right to seek redress of our grievances, but not through violent means. The violence and destruction that took place in the halls of the Capitol building last week was simply un-American. Those who committed violent actions should be prosecuted to the fullest extent. Now, law enforcement has warned of armed protests set to take place in D.C. and the capital cities of all 50 states this weekend, Columbus included. The violence must stop.”

“Fundamental to our democracy is the peaceful transition of power. I am urging all Ohioans no matter what side of the aisle you are on – violence is not and is never the answer. Our nation needs to heal.”