Sports ‘n Stuff 9-22-22

Five-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh has not yet signed with an NFL team for the 2022 season, but he reportedly has some options. According to, there are approximately three to five teams that have expressed interest in Suh — who reportedly wants to play for a contender.
He could go back to the Buccaneers, The Rams have expressed interest and three other teams have reportedly expressed interest in the 35-year-old defensive lineman over the past few months & they are the Cleveland Browns, Minnesota Vikings and Las Vegas Raiders.

Be more careful driving today.  On the first day of fall, the sun rises and sets exactly east-to-west.  And a lot of major roadways are oriented east-to-west.  So many of us are driving directly into the sun on our commute and that can cause some serious windshield glare.
It’s a problem this time of year in general, not just today.  And it happens around the spring equinox in March too.  Here are a few things that can help . . .
 1.  Windex the outside AND inside of your windshield.  There’s a lot less glare when it’s clean.
 2.  Keep sunglasses handy.  It’s not summer anymore, but you still need them.  Polarized sunglasses work best.
 3.  Slow down.  The sun can still momentarily blind you, even with sunglasses on.  And keep in mind that other drivers might be struggling too. 

The fancy yogurt company Siggi’s will pay one person $50,000 . . . to move to Iceland, one of the world’s happiest countries, and share their experience with its new four-day work week.
The job is like a social media content creator, but it’s even easier than that, because you’re documenting your own experiences exploring Iceland . . . trying the food . . . and immersing yourself in the culture.
To apply for the role, you’ll need a valid passport . . . strong writing skills . . . a passion for photography . . . an adaptable nature . . . and a desire to live a simpler life.
Check out their webpage for details

Tim Tebow, who played quarterback for Florida while Urban Meyer was the coach of the Gators, was asked if he thinks Meyer wants one more run as a coach. 
“I know, he’s a competitor,” Tebow said on the Aaron Torres Sports Podcast. “That competitive side, right, it’s a balance. I think his competitive side is probably saying, ‘Let’s see what I can do here, let’s see what I can do here.’”
His answer?
Yeah, I’m thinking Urban’s gonna be back at some point. Could it be Nebraska?

Artificial turf or grass debate is picking up steam again.
It has inspired intense debate in NFL circles since the heyday of AstroTurf. Players say that turf shortens their careers and adds to the injury risk already inherent in a contact sport. Team owners counter that synthetic surfaces cost less to maintain and offer the durability to host more money-making events.
The NFL’s ultimate goal is an ambitious one. Sooner than later, the league wants to unveil a “frankenturf” that meshes the best characteristics of natural and synthetic playing surfaces.
So we went from Astro turf to field turf and are going to frankenturf? Look for Frau Blooger to perform at a halftime show near you!

ESPN has ranked the top ten players for the upcoming 2022-23 NBA season
But only released numbers 10-6 today
10, Devin Booker of the Suns, 9. Ja Morant of the Memphis Grizzlies, 8. Kevin Durant of Brooklyn, 7. Jayson Tatum of the Celtics and 6. LeBron James of the Lakers
Top 5 coming out tomorrow!

The Guardians magic number is now at 7.
Shane Bieber and the Guards take on the the White Sox one final time this season tonight in Chi-town at 8:10

Five minutes before that the Browns kick off against the Steelers at First Energy Stadium. The Browns are still currently still 4.5 pts. Favorites.

Today is Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2022
Today in Sports and Pop Culture History:

95 years ago – In 1927, Jack Dempsey knocked out heavyweight boxing champ Gene Tunney in the 7th round, attempting to regain the title.

53 years ago – In 1969, the great Willie Mays hit his 600th career home run in a game against the San Diego Padres.  Willie ended his career with 660 home runs.

28 years ago – In 1994, “Friends” debuted on NBC.  It ran for 10 seasons.

Birthdays today

Scott Baio is 62.  “Charles in Charge” and Chachi on “Happy Days”. Scott Bail or Ralph Macchio

Joan Jett  is 64.  Rock and Roll Hall of Famer.  “I Love Rock ‘N Roll”, “Bad Reputation”, “I Hate Myself for Loving You”, and “Crimson & Clover”.

David Coverdale is 71.  Singer for Deep Purple and Whitesnake.  Biggest Whitesnake hits:  “Still of the Night”, “Here I Go Again”, and “Is This Love”.

 Toni Basil is 79.  Biggest Hit:  1982’s “Mickey”.