AAA, OSP Working to Reduce New Years Fatalities, Drunk Driving

COLUMBUS, Ohio (News Talk 1480 WHBC) – The State Highway Patrol hopes there’s not a repeat of last year’s four-day New Years holiday weekend.

That’s when 14 people were killed in car crashes in Ohio.

The count is on for this year, through Sunday night.

The patrol says 2020 was the deadliest New Years weekend in nine years.

Alcohol or drugs were involved in ten of the 14 fatal crashes.

In fact, AAA is urging you to assign that designated driver now if you are going out for New Years Eve.

And you should be cognizant of the state’s Host Liability Law if people are coming over your house and alcohol is being served.

You as the host can be held liable if one of your guests gets in an accident on the way home, and that can be costly.

The auto agency says 95-percent of drivers in their surveys say they recognize the dangers of drinking and driving.

But a third of fatal crashes last year were alcohol-related.

The auto agency also says they will not provide rides to any driver who has had too much to drink.

They also provide tips, plus recipes for non-alcoholic “mocktails” that party hosts may want to serve.