AAA Tips Before and After a Car-Deer Collision

COLUMBUS, Ohio (News Talk 1480 WHBC) – With Stark County continuing to lead the state in the number of car-deer crashes, it might be wise to check out AAA’s advice after the accident.

They say call police and stay away from the deer.

Remember to use your hazard lights and move the car out of the road if possible.

Then later, contact your insurance company.

The county has had over 2800 car-deer crashes since 2017.

How to avoid crashing into a deer this time of year?…

How to avoid animal collisions, from AAA Ohio:

Scan the road ahead: Looking ahead helps provide enough reaction time if an animal is spotted. Also, remember some animals, like deer, move in groups, so when there is one, there are usually more in the area.

Use high beam headlights if there is no oncoming traffic: This can help you spot deer or other wildlife more quickly and give you time to slow down, move over or honk the horn to scare the animal away. High beams also help in spotting animals’ reflective eyes.

Be extra cautious at dawn and dusk: Deer tend to be more active in the early morning and at dusk. That’s why these are peak times for deer-vehicle collisions.

If a collision is unavoidable, apply the brakes firmly and remain in your lane: Swerving to avoid an animal can often cause a more serious crash or cause you to lose control of your vehicle. Drivers who swerve to miss a deer and hit something else may be charged for an at-fault crash.

Always wear a seatbelt and remain awake, alert, and sober: The chances of getting injured when hitting an animal are much higher if you don’t have your seatbelt on. If you’re distracted or drowsy, you’re not properly scanning the road for deer and could end up spotting them too late.