And the winner is….

The American Kennel Club has announced that the French Bulldog is America’s most popular dog breed for the first time . . .

The French Bulldog is #1 for the first time, dethroning the Labrador Retriever, which had been #1 for 31 straight years.  Before that, it was the Cocker Spaniel

Here’s the Top 10:


1.  French Bulldogs


2.  Labrador Retrievers


3.  Golden Retrievers


4.  German Shepherd Dogs


5.  Poodles


6.  Bulldogs


7.  Rottweilers


8.  Beagles


9.  Dachshunds


10.  German Shorthaired Pointers


25 years ago, French Bulldogs weren’t in the Top 75.

Here are a few boozy St. Patrick’s Day stats

For people who do plan to drink, beer is the top choice by far.  70% will buy beer . . . 34% will buy hard alcohol . . . 29% will buy wine . . . and 17% are buying hard seltzers.  Almost a third of younger drinkers plan to buy those.

American lagers like Budweiser and Coors are the top beers we’ll be drinking.  Half of beer drinkers will reach for them.  31% will go for stouts like Guinness.

Irish beers always see a huge bump around St. Patrick’s Day.  Normally, Guinness is the 17th best-selling beer in the U.S.  But in March, it jumps to 9th.

Where you live can predict what kind of beer you’re drinking.  Midwesterners are the most likely to drink pilsners . . . people in the Northeast love IPAs . . . and folks out West buy more imported lagers, like Corona.


Random Fact “O” the Day

Fishing is America’s second-most dangerous profession . . . after logging.  Roofing is third.

Based on how the Los Angeles Lakers have played since remaking their roster at the trade deadline, they may not be inclined to pursue a Kyrie Irving sign-and-trade deal for Anthony Davis this offseason.

The Athletic’s Jovan Buha said people in the Lakers organization would prefer to run things back with this current group of players next season.

So in other words, look for Kyrie to reunite with LeBron in LA next season.

Aaron Rodgers may have told ESPN’s Adam Schefter to lose his number, but the probable,  soon-to-be Jets quarterback will wait to ask Joe Namath for his.

In January, the Jets QB legend said he’d be want Rodgers to wear his No. 12 — retired by the franchise in 1985 — if he came to New York.

On Wednesday, Rodgers said he intends to play for the Jets and would be open to having that talk with Namath — but not quite yet.

The Las Vegas Raiders traded tight end Darren Waller to the New York Giants may be a head scratcher to some but one person has a theory. The Athletic’s Vic Tafur points out that the trade was made just ten days after Waller’s wedding, which hadn’t been publicly announced. Waller’s new bride, Kelsey Plum who is a WNBA star with the Vegas Aces. 

Tafur took to twitter to theorize that the trade went down because McDaniels was pissed about “not being invited to the wedding.”

Couldn’t he just crash the wedding instead of trading the newly wed? 

Cavaliers back in action tomorrow night after losing to the 76ers last night 118-109

Cavs host the Wiz Friday night at 7:30. 10 games left in the regular season.

Today is Thursday March 16, 2023

Today in Sports and Pop Culture history

Six years ago – In 2017, Ray Davies of the Kinks was knighted at Buckingham Palace by Prince Charles.

Queen guitarist Brian May was honored with a knighthood by King Charles III at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, March 14th.

59 years ago 1964 – Paul Hornung and Alex Karras were reinstated to the NFL after an 11-month suspension for betting on football games. 

27 years ago 1996 – Mike Tyson won the World Boxing Council heavyweight championship with a technical knockout of Frank Bruno in the third round. 

Celebrity Birthdays 

 Today we celebrate the legendary, late Jerry Lewis (1926 – 2017)…he would have been 97