AP Reports that US Shelved Detailed Guide to Reopen Country

CANTON (News Talk 1480 WHBC) – Earlier this morning the Associated Press reported that a document created by the nation’s top disease investigators was shelved by the White House.

The document was step-by-step advice to local authorities on how and when to reopen restaurants and other places during the COVID-19 pandemic. The 17 page report, which was developed by a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) team can be viewed right here.

A CDC official allegedly told the Associated Press that the report was intended to be published last Friday, May 1. However, the AP says agency scientists were told the guidance would never see the light of day.

A second copy of the document was sent to the Associated Press from a different federal official. The AP posted the document on their website.

The seven page visual aid can be viewed here.

Health experts have noted the lack of input recently from the CDC, saying the President and his administration have chosen to let each state individually handle the pandemic, with the mentality that different areas throughout the nation are experiencing different levels of difficulties.

President Donald Trump has yet to provide a comment on these reports.