Canton PD Chief, Mayor Reflect on City’s Violence

CANTON, Ohio (News Talk 1480 WHBC) – Canton Police Chief John Gabbard addressed city council members and the administration Monday night about violence in the city.

There have been eight homicides in the city so far this year.

Surprisingly, the killings have occurred all over the city as opposed to being confined to certain areas.

Chief Gabbard says more officers would help.

They are at 158 now with 175 considered full staffing.

But Mayor Tom Bernabei says they will not lower standards to bring in more officers, and the chief concurs with that.

Over a year ago, the city increased starting pay for police cadets.

The mayor likes the job being done by the chief, but he also wants to see better results.

Chief Gabbard believes some of his efforts aimed at reducing teen violence have been successful.

The chief was sworn in to office one year ago. (see above)