Catching Up With Local Man With Friends in Ukraine

COLUMBUS, Ohio (News Talk 1480 WHBC) – After the start of the war in Ukraine, we told you about GlenOak grad Philip Kopatz.

He had fallen in love with Ukraine after visiting three times.

He says he’s proud but not surprised at how well the Ukrainian military is performing, saying the troops there are very well-trained.

Kopatz says his male friends are now in Lviv, where about 100,000 have relocated, concerned about new military action there.

Female friends are now in Poland.

He has spoken to them on his publication “Ukraine Unlocked”.

He says the atrocities of the war we are seeing and hearing about are “horrifying” for him.

Kopatz is graduating soon from Ohio State with a masters in Eastern European Studies.

Then he’s marrying another love in his life next month, and they may journey to Poland in the effort to assist refugees.