(News/Talk 1480 WHBC) – Some city officials got an up close look at how the Canton Police Department trains for an active shooter.

The training session was held on Friday morning at the old Baxter Elementary School on 13th Street SW.

Mayor Tom Bernabei, City Prosecutor Jason Reese, Law Director Kristin Bates Aylward and Safety Director Andrea Perry got their hands dirty during the drills, playing the role of both police and suspect.

The mayor was very impressed with the training.

“It’s well thought out, it’s well executed and the officers are all very, very knowledgeable. They are the people that we count on in these situations.”

Lt. Les Marino says the police response to active shooters has become more proactive since Columbine, and there’s no more setting up of perimeters and waiting around for the SWAT Team.

“The first responders are going to be the ones that contact the threat, so we train our officers with the best tactics to give them the best chance of success when they confront these individuals.”

After participating in several drills the mayor was asked if he wanted to do one more.

He responded, “No, I think I’ve been shot enough.”

-Below is video of Mayor Bernabei and Prosecutor Jason Reese during a drill and below that is Safety Director Andrea Perry playing the role of the bad guy-