COLUMBUS (News Talk 1480 WHBC) – This afternoon Governor Mike DeWine spoke in Columbus, providing an update on COVID-19 in Ohio. Here is a complete outline on everything that was discussed.

Update on COVID numbers in Ohio

The Ohio Department of Health’s latest report on COVID-19 shows a small jump in cases and hospitalizations. The 1,143 newly reported cases lift the state’s overall total to over 95,000. Ohio’s death toll now sits at 3,570.

1,038 Ohioans are currently hospitalized in state medical centers due to COVID-19. Ohio has had more than 1,000 hospitalizations related to the virus for 22 straight days.

The seven day positive test rate is 5.7% which is a bit up compared to yesterday’s numbers. Over 71,000 Ohioans have now recovered from the virus.

Update on COVID numbers in Stark County

The state’s latest report shows 23 new cases and five new deaths in Stark County. Overall, Stark County has had 1,713 total cases and 137 fatalities. More than 1,284 local residents have recovered from the virus.

One Year Anniversary of Dayton Shooting

One year ago, nine people were brutally murdered when a gunman opened fire on a crowd in Dayton’s Oregon District. Today, Governor DeWine remembered them and everyone who was impacted by this shooting, including the police officers who ran toward the gunfire and saved so many lives.

“The emotions tied to this day are for many, including me, still very raw,” DeWine said. “As long as I live, I’ll never forget visiting the Oregon District that day and seeing the blood on the street. I’ll never forget the funerals and the absolute grief in the eyes of family members.”

One year since the mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio’s laws are exactly the same. Governor DeWine spoke about changing that this afternoon, calling for the state legislature to pass the Strong Ohio Bill.

Mask Order for K-12 Students

As schools aim to reopen later this month, Governor DeWine spoke about masks in the classroom. “Doctors now advise that kids K-12 wear a mask,” said DeWine. “This morning, the Ohio Children’s Hospital Association and Ohio Pediatricians jointly recommended masks for all kids returning to school.”

Below is their letter supporting masks.

DeWine announced today that his administration will be issuing an order that reflects this policy statewide. The document above lists the mask exemptions for students.

“This gives us the best shot to keep Ohio’s kids and educators safe and physically in school,” said DeWine.

The state is working with FEMA to distribute two million masks to schools for use by students and staff.

“We’ll deliver these to regional education service centers serving as our distribution partners so schools and families have access to the resources they for the coming school year,” said DeWine.

Update on Fall Sports

Lt. Governor Jon Husted says the state is working with the Ohio High School Athletic Association to finalize a plan for fall athletics. Husted says the state is still considering options that accommodate both health and practical considerations for athletes, coaches and fans.

“We understand the uncertainty and anticipation surrounding any forthcoming new guidance and there’s no one who wants to get this accomplished more than me,” said Husted. “We are working thoughtfully and aggressively to get these plans finalized.”

Non-contact sports were approved for competition in early June. Cross Country was added to the non-contact sports list last week.

Rapid Point of Care Tests

The state of Ohio is entering into a multi-state purchasing agreement with Maryland, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Virginia to expand the use of rapid point-of-care tests.

Governor DeWine says this will help the state detect outbreaks sooner with faster turnaround time, expand testing in congregate settings and make testing more accessible for the most high-risk and hard-hit communities.

“Scaling up the use of these rapid point-of-care tests will serve as an important screening tool and a critical addition to our plan to limit the spread of COVID-19,” said DeWine.

Dr. Acton is Out

Governor DeWine announced that he was told yesterday by Dr. Acton that she has decided to leave state employment and return to the Columbus Foundation. The Columbus Foundation is where she worked prior to joining the DeWine administration.

“While it saddens me that she will be leaving my office, she has assured me that she is just a phone call away and will be available to continuing advising us as we move through this pandemic,” said DeWine.