(ONN) – Governor Mike DeWine is pushing for reforms in the wake of a report that found an Ohio State team doctor sexually abused at least 177 male students over the span of decades.

DeWine says there are still lots of questions, and it’s time to get some answers.

“The question that we are faced with is this, did the state medical board of Ohio take appropriate action regarding Richard Strauss? What did they know, when did they know that, what did they do about it.”

The 232-page investigative report says coaches, trainers, other team doctors, and school leaders were all aware of Dr. Richard Strauss’ pattern of abuse, but did little to stop it.

The governor says he’s establishing a working group to review the unredacted Strauss report, and look at what the state medical board did – or failed to do.

He’s also encouraging lawmakers to look at ending the statute of limitations on rape and sex crimes.

Strauss killed himself in 2005.