(WHBC) – People gathered outside the Stark County Courthouse on Thursday for the National Day of Prayer.

Mayor Tom Bernabei in his remarks said we need to resolve among ourselves, that kindness, compassion, inclusion and tolerance are virtues.

“We need to recognize that diversity creates challenges, but more importantly it creates opportunities for us to practice our faith in a positive way.”

He continued on to say how wondrous would it be if race, religion, skin color and sexual orientation didn’t trigger bias or prejudice.

“But instead motivated us to love our neighbor, and empowered us to treat others like we would like to be treated.”

Pastor George Lancaster asked God to watch over our military members and first responders.

“That you would protect them mentally, emotionally and psychologically dear God.”

Then hour-long event ended with everyone joining in on singing God Bless America.

National Day of Prayer was designated by President Ronald Reagan in 1988, to be held annually on the first Thursday of May.