North Canton Police Employing Alternative Devices for Arrests in Cartain Situations

NORTH CANTON, Ohio (News Talk 1480 WHBC) – Sounds like a gun, but the whole idea is that it isn’t even close to that.

When a police officer in North Canton points the small “BolaWrap” device at you, it essentially handcuffs you from a distance of several feet.

On-duty officers with the department are carrying them, though they haven’t had to employ them yet.

They wrap a person’s legs or mid-section in Kevlar.

They contain bared hooks that attach to a person’s clothing.

The city’s Director of Administration Patrick De Orio volunteered to get “bola wrapped” in a demonstration on Channel 5.

De Orio says it’s like you’re being hit with a fly swatter, so no pain.

The idea is to restrain a person in a tense situation without firing something like a Taser.

The NCPD has purchased eight “BolaWrap” devices for $16,000.