Sports ‘n Stuff 2/23/22

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Tom Brady is going from the gridiron to the silver screen in one of his first major moves since announcing his retirement after 22 NFL seasons.

He will play himself in “80 for Brady,” a football-themed road trip movie set to begin production this spring,  

Changes That Could Hit NFL Schedule Next Season

  • Christmas – This year, Christmas falls on a Sunday, so most games will be moved to Saturday. However, last season’s Browns/Packers game was the ninth most-watched game of the year. So, expect at least one game to help you celebrate the holiday.
  • Monday Night Double-Headers – ESPN’s new deal with the NFL starts in 2023. The league might decide to kickstart that win one 7pm game on ABC, and a second 8pm game on ESPN, probably within the first four weeks of the season.
  • International – In 2022, the NFL has five international games planed: three in England, one in Germany, and one in Mexico. Expect one of those to be an ESPN+ streaming exclusive.
  • Amazon Black Friday – Amazon has been pushing for a game to go along with their Black Friday plans. The NFL hasn’t exactly been receptive to it. It’s a longshot at best…but, then again, cash is king, and Amazon has a ton of it.

What’s the one clothing item you lose more than any other?

It’s your SOCKS, right?

An exciting new survey on LAUNDRY HABITS has found that the average person will lose 756 socks in their lifetime.

On average, we will do 13,000 loads of laundry in our lifetime.  

Through all those loads, the average person will ruin 95 pieces of clothing . . . by washing whites with darker colors, or by not choosing the appropriate settings.

29% of people say don’t bother separating colors . . . and 76% say they use the same washer and dryer settings for everything.

According to statistician Jeffrey Rosenthal, the casino game you should absolutely steer clear of is the video lottery terminal.  Those are the ones with Keno or slot games.  They give a 5% to 15% edge TO the house.

You want better odds?  Play Craps and you’ll have a 49.29% chance of winning.  By the way, both of these are “pure

chance games” meaning it’s all luck.  They don’t have a skill element like Blackjack.

Todays Random fact of the day:

The song “One Week” by Barenaked Ladies was the number one song on the Billboard charts in 1998 . . . for exactly ONE WEEK.  And it was the only Barenaked Ladies song that ever hit number one.

We heard plenty of stories about how AARON RODGERS and SHAILENE WOODLEY had broken up.  

But they were all based on anonymous “sources”, and we never heard anything official.

And now a new Instagram post by Aaron is muddying the waters.  It’s all about gratitude.  

In the caption, he thanks several people, including her.

Which is oddly the same thing he tweeted about his time with the Packers.

Has he broken up with BOTH?

Or is there nothing cryptic about gratitude because he just came out of a 12 day cleanse.

Stay tuned!

Odell Beckham Jr. has been busy since winning the super bowl and blowing out his knee again over a week ago.

The Rams receiver and girlfriend Lauren Wood welcomed their first child together, Zydn, on Thursday, Feb. 17, Beckham announced early Wednesday in an Instagram post. In the same message, Beckham, 29, also revealed he underwent successful surgery five days after Zydn’s birth for a torn ACL in his left knee.

Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association have taken their negotiations to Florida– where there are signs that talks have started to move in the right direction. However, Day 2 of in-person meetings yesterday between Major League Baseball and the MLBPA once again produced little progress toward a new collective bargaining agreement and the league actually viewed the negotiations as a step back.

If the regular season doesn’t start on it’s scheduled end of March/1st of April, it will be the second work stoppage of Major League Baseball in the past 3 years.

Francis Ford Coppola was front and center at an event commemorating the 50th anniversary of The Godfather held Tuesday at the Paramount Theatre in Los Angeles. Also in attendance was James Caan, 81, who played the role of Sonny Corleone as well as Talia Shire, 75, who played Connie in the film. The event came as Paramount Pictures prepares to re-release the film in a limited run in theaters Thursday in Dolby Cinema at AMC theaters.

Chris Rock has announced his first comedy tour in five years. The “Ego Death” world tour will arrive at Playhouse Square for a show on June 16 at the Connor Palace.

Tickets to the show will go on sale on Friday, Feb. 25 on Ticketmaster’s website.

Today is Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Today in

Sports History

1983 – Herschel Walker signed a $5 million 3-year contract with the USFL’s New Jersey Generals. 

1991 – North Carolina became the first NCAA team to win 1,500 games. They have won 7 national titles and have a total record of 2313-837 making them one of the best collegiate basketball programs of all time.

2000 – Robby Knieval made a successful motorcycle jump of 200 feet over an oncoming train. 

Celebrating a birthday and still getting paid:

Baseball Legend Bobby Bonilla is 59 (He participated in six All-Star Games and won three Silver Slugger Awards. And get this – from 1992 to 1994, Bonilla was the highest paid player in the league, earning more than $6-million per year. Bonilla is currently being paid approximately $1.19-million by the New York Mets each year. This was part of a deal made when the Mets released Bonilla before the 2000 season while still owing him $5.9-million for the final year of his contract. The deal expires in 2035, at which point Bonilla will have been paid $29.8-million for a season in which he didn’t even play for the Mets).